Bowling Green Bans Art Depicting Oral Sex

Administrators at Bowling Green State University in Indiana ordered the removal from an art show of an aluminum sculpture of

“. . . a female middle school student, on her knees, performing oral sex on a standing male middle school science teacher.”

The sculpture was on display at BGSU’s Little Gallery. The director was ordered to remove only the offending sculpture, but he made the decision to close down the entire exhibit of 13 sculptures.

link (Indiana Daily Student)


High School Censorship: Administrators Should Get Real

High school senior Carrie Courogen has written a nice article about censorship in schools. Brings me back to the halcyon days of mine own high school journalism career, when I too was a firebreathing anti-censorship advocate.

Fijian Media gets Creative in face of Censorship

Fiji’s military government is repressing speech. Newspapers and other media outlets have come up with some interesting ways to deal with the censorship:

The Fiji Times has run blank pages with the sentence:  “the stories on this page could not be published due to Government restrictions” while the Fiji Daily Post ran a story about a man getting on a bus and another watching paint drying on Wednesday.

link (The New Zealand Herald)

Censorship Widespread in US Schools

Interesting feature article on how public school administrators are quick to censor student speech.

David Bulla, a journalism professor at Iowa State University and a veteran researcher in the area of high school journalism, noted that principals do not fully support the First Amendment. “Paradoxically,” he said, “the majority of principals believe the government should not interfere with newspapers outside the high school. Thus, the notion of freedom of the press is largely abstract for high school administrators. That is, it applies outside their schools, but not within.”

link (Indianapolis Star)


The Supreme Court effectively gave the finger to the Child Online Protection Act last week when it rejected the Bush administration’s appeal of a 3rd Circuit decision that overturned the Act.

link (Reuters)

link (NYT opinion piece)

Censorship: Something Americans Can Believe In

In October 2008, the Anti-Defamation League polled 1000 Americans on their views about religion, morality, Hollywood, and other related subjects.

The poll showed that

Nearly 40 percent of the American people support the notion that “dangerous ideas should be banned from public school libraries,” and nearly the same number of Americans disagree with the statement that “censoring books is an old-fashioned idea.”

link (Christian Examiner)

Human dog artist snaps at censors

link (Times Online)